NAME Kwiki::VimMode - VimMode preformatted forms of text SYNOPSIS $ cpan Kwiki::VimMode $ cd /path/to/kwiki $ echo "Kwiki::VimMode" >> plugins $ kwiki -update DESCRIPTION This module allows you to hilight the syntax of any text mode that the Vim editor recognizes: Here's some *HTML* and *Perl* for you to grok: .vim Highlighted stuff! Check this out! .vim .vim #!/usr/bin/perl # sample perl $name = 'Kwiki'; print "Check out $name!\n"; .vim Text::VimColor/Vim should hopefully pick up the correct syntax automatically. If it doesn't, precede your text in the ".vim" block with "filetype: name", where "name" is a valid Vim syntax name. For example: .vim filetype: apache ServerName # ... .vim AUTHORS Ian Langworth SEE ALSO Kwiki, Text::VimColor COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE Copyright (C) 2004 by Ian Langworth This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.